Case studies

Every client is different. We understand the importance of making the right currency exchange transactions. Our personal dealers work closely with clients to identify their specific needs and provide tailor-made solutions.

Here is an example of how we helped one of our clients:

Pro-active approach delivers savings for Healthcare services company.

All businesses that trade internationally, regardless of their size, face a big challenge: How to manage currency exposure and mitigate risk in adverse currency markets? Failure to manage the risk can have a huge impact on the price paid for supplies and crucially, on profitability.

The client

A medical supplier based in UAE that regularly imports supplies from across Europe. Our personal dealers helped the managing director build a strategy that protects the company's currency exposure.

The challenge

Twice a month, the supplier has to make payments of more than 1 million Euros.

The company has previously used a well known bank to manage their FX transactions, but they found the bank to be reactive and have very little understanding of how their business worked. In addition, no effort was made to explain what FX solutions were available to them or to put a long-term strategy in place to protect against currency fluctuations.

In order to avoid further losses the business needed to make some changes quickly to address the issue.


The solution

The company appointed Delma Exchange and a dealer explained the full range of FX products in order to manage the company's currency exposure.

A strategy was drawn up by the dealer which involved using a combination of;

  • Forward contracts, to help budgeting of the business.
  • Market orders to protect against currency fluctuations.

The outcome

The combined strategy has protected the company's FX exposure, and provides them with choices so they can take advantage of more favourable currency rates.

The company is now able to make a significant saving of more than 185,000AED each month, more than half a million Euros annually.

A personal approach

All our clients are allocated a personal dealer, whose priority is to gain a deep understanding of the client so they can put in place a tailored strategy to manage currency exposure.

Using a wide range of foreign exchange (FX) strategies we execute timely orders to meet clients' needs including:

  • Spot transactions for immediate cover.
  • Market orders which help businesses protect against adverse market movements.
  • Forward contracts which help a business budget more accurately and stay in control of finances.


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Settlements information

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