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Dynamic currency solutions – with a personal touch. Taking the time to understand your business is essential to delivering the perfect currency exchange solutions.

Market insight. Trading knowledge. Outstanding results.

Small movements in the currency markets can make a big difference to your bottom line, making it crucial to plan ahead and manage your currency exposure effectively. An experienced and dedicated dealer will work with you and your team to develop a strategic approach that is right for you.

We have been doing this for a long time and over the years we have grown to become market leaders, renowned for our dedication and proactivity.

Through our same day service* you will benefit from the opportunity to settle transactions faster than the market norm of 48 hours. You can also take advantage of a settlements period of up to one week, during which your agreed exchange rate will be held.

If you make or receive payments to the same beneficiary on a frequent basis, mandates can be set up for future use to further smooth and speed up the settlement process. The process is simple, straightforward and transparent.

*Same day service is dependent on funds arriving before 1:00 pm and is only available for ‘same day value’ currencies.

Corporate products

Whether you are considering hedging your currency exposure in the short or long term, we deliver a range of products to suit you, including:

Spot transactions for more immediate cover.

Forward contracts to help you plan ahead – in all major and many emerging market currency pairs.

Personal dealers and online platform


Personal dealers & online platform

Our clients benefit from the proactive approach provided by a personal dealer, and the instant access of our online facility.

Spot foreign exchange


Spot foreign exchange

Buying or selling currencies as their exchange rates rise or fall can make a huge difference to your business's bottom line.

Moving stop loss


Market orders

Stop Loss Orders are designed to protect you against rate fluctuations that could impact your finances adversely.

Forward contracts


Forward contracts

Financial protection from future market fluctuations can be achieved by using Forward Contracts.

Foreign exchange risk management


Risk management

Delma Exchange identifies the issues and the puts in place a strategy to manage the risk.

Private clients

We offer personal foreign exchange services to private clients from all over the world. From buying a home overseas, to sending salary payments home, to managing personal international investments our experienced team can help.

Retail clients

Local currency exchange services and international money transfers can be made quickly and easily at our chain of retail stores. Efficient, convenient and great value service from our expert team.