Forward contracts

Financial protection from future market fluctuations can be achieved by using Forward Contracts.

Avoid the risk and stay in control with a fixed exchange rate.

Plan ahead. By arranging a Forward Contract you can enjoy the protection of securing top exchange rates and maintaining them for future payments – allowing you to budget more accurately and keep on top of your finances.

In addition to competitive rates of exchange, we offer 'Forwards' in all major and many local currencies.

Secure your rate. As currency values rise and fall, it can be tricky to achieve your optimum rate for a continuous period.

A Forward Contract enables you to agree a rate that you are happy with and create a contract to carry on using that rate over a period of time, that could range from one week to two years.

Stay in control. Relax knowing that your rate is fixed, regardless of any market volatility between the time you arrange it and the date we deliver the currency.

Once the time period is fixed, you can draw down funds of any size, at any time and in addition to our competitive rates of exchange.

Types of Forward:

  • Fixed Date Forwards
    Allows you to agree a rate of exchange on one or more specific dates in the future, for example, to suit an agreed payment plan with an overseas supplier.
  • Open Forwards
    Allows you to benefit from the additional flexibility of using an agreed rate for transactions on any date in the future, within an arranged time period.


“The cost management that hedging allows, guarantees savings against our costed levels and enables us to plan ahead with confidence.” Melroy D’Souza, Accounts Manager Renarte General Trading LLC

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