Fraud & Risk

Delma Exchange: Your Shield Against Fraud

At Delma Exchange, safeguarding your security in the digital finance world is our top concern. If you notice any suspicious, unauthorized, or fraudulent activities, we strongly encourage you to report them to us. Your vigilance helps us maintain a secure environment for all our customers. Stay alert, stay secure.

Dubai Police

Dubai Police

Toll-free number 901| E-crime online platform

Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police

“Aman” service hotline at 800-2626 |

If you notice any suspicious/unauthorized/fraud transaction(s) or activity, please immediately report the details to us through:

Customer Service Number: +971 2 508 8203


Vigilance is Key: Preventing Fraud

At Delma Exchange, safeguarding you from fraudulent activities is our top priority. Do not entertain requests for your personal or financial details – these are classic signs of phishing scams.

Spotting Fraud: Stay One Step Ahead

Fraudsters may contact you via phone, SMS, WhatsApp, email, or social media. Knowing these common methods helps you stay protected.

Act Fast: Reporting Suspicious Activities

Encountered a dubious transaction? Immediately get in touch with Delma Exchange Customer Support on 02 508 8203 or our email support. Quick reporting is essential.

Recognize and Avoid Common Scams

  • Email Alerts: Ignore false bank emails about frozen accounts.
  • Lottery Scams: Disregard any communications about unexpected winnings falsely claiming to be from Delma Exchange.
  • Phone & Social Media Deceptions: Avoid sharing details with fake bank representatives or dubious social media profiles.

Safeguard Your Data

Your personal information like Emirates ID, date of birth, and bank details are valuable. Protect them to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

Protect Yourself:

At Delma Exchange, we will never ask the winners of our promotions to disclose any personal data, identification numbers or their bank account details over the phone, nor we will never request winners to pay any fees to claim their prizes.

We will contact the winners from our official phone numbers to inform them of their prizes. To verify the authenticity of any prize announcements, you can contact our customer service at 02 508 8203 or reach out to our official social media channels for confirmation.

Tips to Stay Safe

  • Never transfer money to unknown individuals or unverified entities.
  • Confirm the legitimacy of emergency money requests.
  • Guard your personal information diligently.
  • Confirm the credentials of the person contacting you.
  • Don’t Click on suspicious links.
  • Ensure secure internet usage and be cautious of dubious links.
  • Ignore unrealistic lottery or prize-winning claims and never share your OTP.


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Security of funds


Security of funds

Corporate clients

Whatever your foreign exchange needs, we offer a range of products and services to manage your foreign currency requirements. Whether you need Spot or Forward contracts, Market Orders or FX Options, one of our expert dealers can help.

Private clients

We offer personal foreign exchange services to private clients from all over the world. From buying a home overseas, to sending salary payments home, to managing personal international investments our experienced team can help.

Retail clients

Local currency exchange services and international money transfers can be made quickly and easily at our chain of retail stores. Efficient, convenient and great value service from our expert team.